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Chateau Dionne is impassionately run by its founder David Lim and partner executive chef Andy Choy, both being inspiring trailblazers in their field of true calling.

Andy Choy - partner/ executive chef

Choy was Champion in the 2017 Chef Par Excellence Cooking Competition and a coveted finalist in the Concours Gastronomie Paris in 2018. With close to 20 years of experience, he has worked and trained in leading fine dining establishments globally, amongst them the 3 Michelin star Guy Savoy in Paris and Gordon Ramsay in both London and Dubai. Andy comes home to share his journey through 'classic dining with a contemporary balance' credo at Chateau Dionne Kuala Lumpur.

David Lim - partner / founder

David Lim is a seasoned regional beverage industry entrepreneur extraordinaire. Since the turn of the millennium in 2000, he established and spearheaded the development of among Asia's leading and largest chain of wine specialty concept stores, spanning a network of 50 outlets at its apex. Lim's fervent entrepreneurial spirit has been recognized with multiple established regional industry awards and accolades through the years. David comes home to share his ebullient ' Life is too short, Cheers to living life!' creed at Chateau Dionne Kuala Lumpur.